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In addition to providing custom metal buildings, South Carolina Barndominium Pros also constructs custom metal buildings. Besides providing residential and commercial contractors with a wide range of services, our full-service company also serves a wide range of contractor needs.


Every homeowner is different, we take pride in getting to know you and finding the your perfect solution

With all the companies in the barndominium planning industry claiming to provide quality workmanship, we are committed to making sure that each and every one of our customers is satisfied with the quality of our work. Would you like to live in a house which is both an eco-friendly house as well as an affordable one? The advantage of metal building homes is that they can combine style and functionality in a way that can be matched by no other type of building. A variety of fabrics, colors, and finishes will be available to you depending on the floor plan that you choose for your home.

A steel house is stronger, more eco-friendly, and requires less maintenance than a wooden house. In order to reduce the amount of time spent on production, components can be manufactured off-site. From rustic barndominiums to sleek and modern barndominiums, barndominiums come in a variety of stylish designs and styles.

It is necessary that you have a bit of experience in construction before you can build a barndominium from a kit. We provide our customers with barndominium kits that are pre-cut, labeled, and have all the pieces attached already. The Barndominium Design Team will be happy to assist you in the design of your barndominium if you need expert guidance. As a team, we work hard to create the dream home you have always dreamed of.


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If you hire the right professionals for the job of building a barndominium in South Carolina, you will find the process a lot easier and streamlined. The decades of experience we have in the South Carolina area can be relied upon when you need exceptional service when you need it. If you would like a quote or a meeting, contact South Carolina Barndominium Pros!

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